Monday, 23 April 2012

Blog changes direction already

A bit of an update. This blog will no longer be a documentation of London 2012, as it has come to light i wont be going, but never mind. However it will still be a diary of the new arrival. So far on the timeline we found out in February, had first midwife appointment on the 29th of Feb and then first scan on the 20th March. We have a due date of the 5th of October.

We are at the midwife again tomorrow, so we shall see what happens


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

first post- Olympic catch up

This is my first post. i will be using this blog for 2 things mainly in the upcoming year. Firstly during the summer if i get onto the Olympic driving contract. Secondly to share the progress of the blob when it arrives around October time.

In the meantime..The Olympics
EYMS have got a contract to send 20-30 drivers down to London for 5 weeks during the Olympics. When i first heard about this back in February i had to apply. So far I have received letters back confirming most of the details, including pay. However i am still waiting for a yes I'm going.

It is looking promising, Last week i was called into the controllers office to have my photo taken and fill in some paperwork. its all getting rushed and this seemed like the sort of thing they wouldnt be doing unless i was going, so we shall see...